The city is beautyfully situated on seven hills on the north side of the bay of Mar del Palha where the river Tagus has its outlet into the Atlantic. The city is compact and easy to explore on your own. The centre consists of three districts with different character but the same charm.

In the heart of Lisbon is Baixa, which was built after the earthquake in 1755. The district is closest to the river and next to the parade route, Avenida da Liberdade.

To the East is Alfama, with steep and winding streets. This neighbourhood survived the earthquake and the old quarters are well preserved. Among the many cobbled streets there are lots of shops, bars and outdoor restaurants. To the West is Bairro Alto, a pleasant and slightly quieter area with many simpler restaurants and small shops. Typical Fado music is often performed at bars and restaurants in the area. Here is also the modern Chiado business district.

Lisbon´s history dates to antiquity, and the city has belonged to both the Greeks, who called it Olisipo and the Romans who called it Felicitas Julias. Also, the Moors have ruled over Lisbon and even to this day you can see traces of both the Roman and Arab culture around the city. During the 15th century and until the Spanish occupation in 1500, the city flourished and was one of Europe’s most important trading cities. Several world voyages departed from Lisbon.

But there is so much more in and around Lisbon than these touristy areas in the centre. In the city and its environs, there is something for everyone. With 300 days of sunshine a year, you can enjoy beautiful weather on the golden sandy beaches. Why not visit one of the cozy vineyards for an appreciated wine tasting or head to one of the fantastic golf courses. The food is high class and there are plenty of restaurants that suite even the discerning.

Lisbon is suitable for everyone, from those who are looking for a holiday paradise, to those who want a permanent place to call their home. Living in Lisbon means that you are surrounded with life and movement all year round.

The villages of Cascais and Estoril are just over 30 minutes from central Lisbon. Here, a large number of Scandinavians annualy choose to acquire a property.

Cascais, with the various family friendly, upmarket seafront neighborhoods is also a holiday oasis for Portuguese who want to relax.

Both Estoril and Cascais offers beautiful beaches, good shopping and relaxation but also the proximity to the big city of Lisbon. The properties in the two villages reflect on the area´s grand past and is home to both mansions and townhouses as well as sleek new apartments and developments in the marina and by the beach.

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