Open daily from 8am to 10pm, the new space covers an area 1280m2 and offers a range of thousands of products, including Continente own brand and popular brand names.

A spokesman said: “This opening reinforces the brand’s commitment to three stores in the municipality of Faro and 19 stores in the district.

“Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João also considers itself to be an example in the environmental aspect with self-consumption photovoltaic power plants, in order to minimise the space’s carbon footprint. Consumers are also able to use reusable bags when buying fruit, vegetables or bakeries and find 0% waste boxes on sale, with 5 kg of fruits and vegetables in good consumption conditions, but close to their sell by date, for 0.50 €/kg. We also highlight the fresh and seasonal products that are always available, from fruits and vegetables, to the bakery, butcher and fishmonger that the store offers, with regional products”.

Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João will also be supporting local associations including PRAVI - Support for Victims, MAPS - Support Movement for the Aids Problem and Refood Faro with its daily food surplus, in the area surrounding the store”