“To take the right decisions at the right time, it is necessary that examination of the data needs be made”, António Lacerda Sales told journalists. Alluding to the dynamism of science, the Secretary of State stated that every day “new data emerges” and it will be based on that new data that the Government will take “the right decisions, at the right time”.

Asked whether the increase in outbreaks in homes could justify the inevitability of a third dose of the vaccine, he explained that "in immunity there are many factors and different criteria’s." “It is from the consolidation of all this data, from the important antibody studies in homes and other areas”, that “a decision will come out, at the right time”, he added.

According to António Lacerda Sales, regarding vaccination in the age group between 12 and 15 years old “every day new data is emerging” and “there is an adaptation to reality that has to be very fluid”. “Still this weekend there were studies, namely North American ones, in which there were no warning signs, great signs of risk, regarding the vaccination of this age group from 12 to 15 and also studies at European level”, he said.

"Today, there is no definitive decision, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there may be.", he mentioned that "there are countries that have already taken different approaches", but Portugal is “waiting and gaining some time” to make the decision “with confidence”.

The Secretary of State was confident that the goals will be met so that, by the end of September, Portugal will reach 85 percent of the vaccinated population. In this context, he asked young people aged 16 and 17 to self-schedule their vaccinations, despite being on vacation. “For us, it is very important that, in the next three weeks, people schedule themselves so that they can be vaccinated”, he stressed.