“It was under control from 10:20am, but there was a strong reactivation. The weather conditions are not very favourable, with a lot of heat and the wind”, a source from the District Command for Relief Operations (CDOS) in Faro told Faro.

According to the same source, the temperature, the wind and the type of fuel at the site resulted in an “expected” reactivation of the fire and a “rapid spread” of the flames, which combined to create an afternoon “of hard work”.

The expectation is that an overnight recovery will not be possible, as the humidity will remain "very low" and the temperature "very high" during the night, not generating the expected 'window of opportunity' at dawn, added the source.

“We are going to take advantage during the day with the commitment of the air resources, because at night they do not operate and it will be more complicated”, he said.

The 14 people from the places of Pero dos Negros, Amendoeira and Marroquil who were removed from their homes, preventively, and moved to the Azinhal Community Center, will return to their homes “as soon as possible”, also according to the CDOS source.

The alert for the fire, which broke out near the town of Pernadeira, in the parish of Odeleite, municipality of Castro Marim, was given at 01:05am.

By 4:00 pm, according to the website of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, there were 271 operational personnel on site, with the support of 87 vehicles, in addition to 10 air vehicles.