According to the National Republican Guard (GNR) the weekend ended with two illegal parties being shut down in Palmela and Almada, district of Setúbal, which brought together "more than 700 people" in disregard of measures against Covid-19.

The first intervention of the GNR of the Territorial Command of Setúbal took place on Saturday night, in the locality of Vale de Touros, in Palmela, after a complaint that an illegal party was taking place, with the GNR immediately moving to the location, where they found the presence of “about 600 people”.

"The promoter of the party was identified and the event was stopped immediately for failure to comply with the various rules in force for the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic [namely dance floor in operation, lack of use of masks and lack of compliance with social distance] and also for lack of a special noise permit”, informed the security force in a statement.

On Sunday night, in the town of Monte da Caparica, in Almada, following a complaint about a party inside a garage, the GNR went to the location and found that there were “about 100 people in the middle of the street acting in disregard of the measures in force in the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

These two police actions in Palmela and Almada, carried out on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, to stop "two illegal parties with more than 700 people, in two different situations, in disregard of the measures imposed in the context of combating the covid-19 pandemic", counted on the reinforcement of the Intervention Detachment (DI) of Setúbal and the Intervention Unit (UI).

In a statement, the GNR reiterated that compliance with the measures in force in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is essential to contain the spread of the virus.