In a bill that entered the Assembly of the Republic on Friday, the deputy (ex-PAN) defends that, "having already stipulated" in the law the number of dogs and cats "allowable in a house" and "making the law depend on the conditions of the house and the possibility of housing animals, the condominium must not interfere with property rights".

"In fact, the condominium can regulate the use of common areas, but it is not up to them to regulate the use that the owners makes of their property", she adds.

Cristina Rodrigues proposes to revoke, in the decree-law that establishes the rules regarding the possession, trade, exhibition and entry into national territory of animals susceptible to rabies, the paragraph that states that "the condominium regulations may establish a lower limit for animals as provided for" by law.

This diploma stipulates that "up to three dogs or four adult cats may be housed in urban buildings for each house, and the total number of four animals may not be exceeded, except if, at the request of the holder, and upon binding opinion of the municipal veterinarian and from the health delegate, accommodation is authorised for up to a maximum of six adult animals, provided that all the legally required hygienic and animal welfare requirements are met".