In an interview with Renascença radio station, António Saraiva asked that the Government create legislation that would oblige unvaccinated workers to be tested for Covid-19.

According Saraiva, some companies are already facing problems between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers.

Saraiva asks the Government to make the tests mandatory and to be paid by the unvaccinated workers themselves. “As long as vaccination is not mandatory in legal terms, then at least workers should be required to undergo periodic testing at their own cost,” he said.

He added that this measure would have to be “a directive issued by the Government, because people are given the freedom not to be vaccinated, they cannot be given the freedom, with this act, to increase the probability of infecting a business community”.

Saraiva's request follows news that Italy is the first country in Europe to demand a "green pass" from workers, that is, forcing them to provide their "health pass" at work, with the measure to enter into force on 15 October.