"The recommendation they left us [at the Infarmed meeting on Thursday] was the personal and organisational risk assessment, but in the sense of using a mask indoors and in a context where it is not possible to maintain social distancing”.

Marta Temido also added that the closure of vaccination centres, as they currently exist, as virtually certain, “if the scenario continues”.

“If the scenario continues, we will start vaccinating against seasonal flu from 4 October and we will have to continue vaccinating people [against covid] who have not yet done so. For this scenario, we can close the vaccination centres that were set up for Covid-19”, said the minister.

The Health Minister also said that Portugal could, if necessary, revaccinate the entire population against Covid-19.

"This will not be the scenario, but if necessary, we would be prepared for an additional dose of the vaccine", the head of the Health portfolio said in Porto.

Asked about the actions of vaccine deniers, the minister said: "Everyone has the right to make their own choices, as long as they don't question what the rights of others are."