To regulate issues such as water loss, reuse or efficient use of water, the National Program for the Efficient Use of Water (UNEP) 2012-2020 was established, and the parties debated today in parliament a draft PEV resolution, presented by Congresswoman Mariana Silva, who recommends that the Government present the results of this program and initiate procedures for a new program.

In addition to a draft resolution also on water by the non-registered deputy Joacine Katar Moreira (who did not participate in the discussion), a PAN bill was also presented that establishes the obligation of the Government to implement a national action plan to adapt to the changes. climate change for the water sector.

A plan that, said PAN deputy Nelson Silva, identifies, for example, areas threatened with water scarcity or areas with restricted use of water for certain activities, or that identifies alternative sources of water abstraction, and that municipal plans must also exist adaptation to climate change for the water sector.

To all this, said deputy Alexandre Quintanilha, from the PS, the Government has been responding through various laws, even though the party is "committed to deepening the debate" on the matter "in its own headquarters".

The main parties agreed on the importance of efficient management of water resources and the pertinence of the PEV draft resolution, diverging on issues such as public management or not of water or the defense or not of intensive agriculture. Maria Manuel Rola, from BE, recalled that in the municipality of Odemira many small farmers have been without water since the beginning of summer, so that this water would not be lacking in the region's greenhouses.