It is "a commitment of the City Council to a service that allows tariff integration between the various modes of transport of passengers and operators in the municipal network, allowing users to only need a pass to circulate within the entire municipality", he says. the municipality, in a statement.

The system is also prepared to integrate, in the future, parking and soft modes, namely the 'Park & ​​Ride' system and shared modes, including 'bike sharing'.

According to the note, the new multimodal ticketing system is already being installed and will allow the loading of transport tickets on ATM machines and the online acquisition of transport tickets.

The municipality of Coimbra bet on a system “with characteristics that will enable, in the future, its compatibility with the system of the Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Region of Coimbra and with the Mobility System of Mondego”.

"It is also intended that the new system has the capacity to accept the integration of other supra-municipal operators, whether road, rail or others", stresses the statement.

The operation is part of Coimbra's Strategic Plan for Urban Development (PEDU) and has foreseen community financing for 85% of the Centro 2020 regional operational program.