The full of life gallery opened in November 2019, where they have exhibited a variety of serious artists, who are fundamentally collective. Fresco Gallery offers a unique alternative to other galleries in the way that it has such a charming and warm feel to it. I believe it has a promising future as I was told that they plan to extend the Café and host live music. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm and the gallery’s café is open from 9am until late. The Iberian inspired café is strongly tied to the gallery with art on its walls. The café is frequented by the local community and is known for its iced coffees, bifanas and toasties.

I was warmly met by the Gallery Manager, Cátia Azevedo, who kindly showed me around their inviting gallery and to my delight the ethereal current exhibition ‘Off Guard in the Algarve’ was none other than artist Meinke Flessemen’s, who I am a huge fan of. Flessemen’s work was spaced beautifully, and the gallery gave each piece their own spotlight. The gallery opens itself to artist conversations, with Cátia Azevedo, telling me that their artists spend time at the Gallery and are happy to answer questions from buyers and other viewers.

I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the gallery’s friendly team, Teddy Golding the owner and gallery co-ordinator, Cátia Azevedo the gallery manager and brilliant artist, Fi Katzler. I am excited to share with you all, details about Fresco Gallery’s exciting new two-person exhibition entitled ‘Near and Far’, which will be open to the public from the 14 October. I was given a sneak preview of some of the new exhibitions art work which I can confirm is nothing short of exceptional, containing works of Fi Katzler and Evelyne Brader-Frank, which will be running until mid-December.

Firstly, Teddy Golding, explained how “the gallery’s nooks lend themselves perfectly to around seven of Evelyne Brader-Frank’s abstract sculptures made of marble and stainless glass. The sculptures have gravitas on their own but will be integrated with Fi Katzler’s pieces.”

“Evelyne Brader-Frank is a Swiss born sculpture who models the human form out of soapstone as well as casting bronze and even concrete pieces. These Rubenesque figures with voluptuous curves remind us of primitive fertility sculptures and she has exhibited widely across Europe and North America.”

I also was able to find out a bit more about artist Fi Katzler, who was born in Malta and who is as vibrant as her art. Prior to meeting Fi Katzler, I already had two pieces that stood out to me from her past work which were “Near Daymer” and “Cornish Beach”, I am in awe of the way she transports the viewer and the emotional connection one feels when looking at her beautiful pieces. Fi Katzler is particularly inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Monet and currently shows with a respected London gallery in Chelsea and a gallery in Martha’s Vineyard but this will be her first exhibition in the Algarve.

Fi Katzler kindly shared with me what the public can expect from this exhibition. Firstly, Fi Katzler told me she works with oil on canvas, which is the medium she jokingly compares to a fine wine. A lot of her pieces are nature inspired as well as some experiments with larger canvases. Her expressive style lends itself perfectly to capturing the beautiful landscapes of Provence and the Algarve and she “works at speed to avoid over thinking.” Her style allows the canvas to speak for itself and creates mystery between the artist and the viewer. There will be a variety of landscapes, still lifes and much more from the artist, who told me she is excited to see the reaction to her work. Fi Katzler told me she “loves living here and finds Portugal’s nature, predominantly the reds of the earth, and the beaches inspiring.” More recently, she visited Fonte Santa and felt so inspired to sketch the flamingos there. Fi Katzler is still discovering Portugal as she only moved over last year from the South of France. “The Algarve is similar to the South of France in the way in which I can paint with the seasons, the colour palette changes with the seasons and recently my work has been more vibrant.”

There will be an opening for private viewing on Thursday, 14 October at 6pm until 10pm at Fresco Gallery but spaces are limited therefore the gallery would appreciate if you could reserve your space by emailing For further information about this fantastic gallery please see their website at or please call +351 911 765 566. Similarly, to keep up to date with everything Fresco Gallery please check out their social media pages @frescogallery.