“The process continues to proceed normally. We have practically finished the vaccination in residential structures for the elderly and now we open vaccination to the population in general”, said Marta Temido, stressing that “by the end of December” this population should be protected.

Since October 18, the co-administration of flu vaccines and the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 has been underway, which includes citizens aged 65 years or over and in a situation of immunosuppression.

The third dose of the vaccine started in users over 80 years of age, and is taking place in descending order of age.

“It is essential that people who are eligible for the third dose of the vaccine, because they are over 65 years old, or against seasonal flu for people of a certain age or special vulnerability, have the get vaccinated as they are able to self-schedule ”, appealed the minister.

According to the minister, 194,257 people over 65 years of age received the booster dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 and 5,500 users were also inoculated with an additional dose.

The government official also said that 384,754 flu vaccines had been administered since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, on September 27th.