The SNBP had scheduled a strike for November 11 and 12 to contest the proposed State Budget for 2022 for not integrating “any policies for the sector” and not solving the problems and claims of firefighters and civil protection.

“The rejection of the State Budget and the already predictable fall of the Government decided in the next few days are the factors that justify the withdrawal of the strike”, says the union in a statement.

The SNBP advances that the claims of professional firefighters and civil protection “will be presented in due course to the new elected executive, if the decision of the President of the Republic is to call for new elections”.

The union also states that meetings will be scheduled at national level to analyse the problem of firefighters and define what measures can still be taken so that some of the problems identified are resolved and that they are not dependent on new elections.

Among the demands are salary increases, risk subsidy equal to that of the security forces and regulation of the entire fire and civil protection sector.