The detection of the body was announced by the National Maritime Authority (AMN), stating that the body was recovered "inside the marina in Lagos", after an alert was received at 9:45am.

Members of the Lagos Maritime Police Command were transferred to the location, who “recovered and transported the body out of the water”, where “the Lagos Volunteer Firefighters were waiting” to “transport the body to the Legal Medicine Office of the University Hospital Center of the Algarve”, added the authority in a statement.

The captain of the port of Lagos told Lusa that the man found in the water "was residing on a vessel in the marina, he was 70 to 75 years old and, for now, the question of crime is out of the question."

"The Public Ministry was contacted and now the autopsy will determine what happened", he added, acknowledging, however, that "everything points to a sudden death", because the body "wasn't there for a long time in the water”.