At the beginning of the week, health authorities registered a total of 614 active outbreaks of Covid-19, mostly in schools, which have 40 more outbreaks than last week.

Data from the General Directorate of Health (DGS) made available to Lusa indicates that these 614 active outbreaks contrast with the maximum number of active outbreaks reached in the country in February, when 921 were counted.

At the beginning of the week (December 6) there were 378 active outbreaks in public and private sector education and teaching establishments - schools, higher education, day care centres and other social facilities, with 3,082 cases of accumulated covid-19, which concern students, professionals and cohabitants, "part of which will already be recovered", adds the DGS.

On the same date, 39 outbreaks were recorded in homes (44 one week before), 378 (40 more) in schools (public and private) and 15 in health institutions (one less).

According to the DGS, the 39 outbreaks recorded in nursing homes (ERPI) cover 543 cases of covid-19, part of which will also have been recovered.

In February, Portugal registered the highest number of active outbreaks in nursing homes, with 405, corresponding to around 12 thousand infected.

"The drastic decrease in this context demonstrates the importance that vaccination has had in controlling the pandemic and protecting the most vulnerable population", stresses the DGS.