In the run up to Christmas we love to drink our typical Swedish mulled wine, eat ginger cookies and enjoy each other’s company – and so we did on this lovely early night last Tuesday.
SkandiaMäklarna decided to invite both our clients and other Scandinavians who have fulfilled their dreams and moved to Portugal. A great opportunity to meet other people with the same interests and, of course for us, to follow up on our clients and just have a nice evening together.

Therese Karlsson, administrator at SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate planned the evenings event together with Margarida Esteves, office manager.

At 5pm the rain had passed and the blue sky played a beautiful backdrop to the sun setting and it became a very pleasant evening. The guests were enjoying their Swedish Glögg, and traditional ginger cookies. Glögg is a mulled wine with spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. The wine is usually served together with some traditional ginger cookies. The atmosphere was great and SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate´s franchisee Peter Reuterkloo was more than happy with the result of the evening. “For us at SkandiaMäklarna it´s important to also be a natural speaking partner for everyday life not only when it comes to properties. Trust between persons is earned over time and social events like this are perfect platforms for creating good long term relations” Peter Reuterkloo says.
When the dark had settled, the guests got to enjoy a little twist of the traditional Swedish Lucia celebration that usually takes place on 13 December.
Out from the dark came a sweet little Lucia together with a shy ginger cookie man. With a crown of light on her head, the little Lucia showed the way for the dancer Tiffany Jorge from Dancénema Association. Tiffany works as a professional dancer in both the Algarve and Lisbon area. She´s trained at the Conservatório Nacional in Lisbon and has had a long international career as a dancer with both cruiseship shows and the Portuguese version of “So you think you can dance” on her CV. Tiffany performed a beautiful dance solo inspired of the traditional Lucia celebration.
Most of the guests decided to stay for dinner at Restaurante Xarme and enjoyed a lovely meal.
Restaurante Xarme is a brand-new restaurant on the road between Portimão and Alvor. It´s a project created by a family´s joined dream. The project started already 3 years ago with building a brand-new restaurant. The pandemic has held them up, just as for many others, but on 8 August this year they finally opened the doors to their dream restaurant; Xarme.
Restaurante Xarme was the perfect venue. The beautiful building with its lovely garden suited perfectly for our social event. The restaurant´s outdoor seated area has a lovely open space, and the beautiful light from several water features lights up the esplanade and gives it just the right feeling for a night like this.

Elena Efros and her staff offers a gastronomic journey to southern flavors and aromas. Lovely food and drinks to great prices.
All our guest left the restaurant satisfied and happy.

SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate´s whole team took part and were happy to spend some time with their clients outside the normal office hours.

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