This week the country rose from 433 new cases per day to 768 per million population, moving from being the 11th EU country with fewer new cases to 7th place in the list of member states in the worst epidemiological situation. .

The EU country with the highest average of new cases is still Denmark, particularly affected by the new Omicron variant of the virus responsible for covid-19, which rose from 1,550 to 2,090 new cases per day per million inhabitants.

This is followed by Malta, which rose from 409.94 cases to 1,220, Ireland (rises from 945 to 1,050), France (rises from 783 to 1,040) and Spain (rises from 597 to 904).

The EU average of daily new cases per million population now stands at 576 (it was 541 last week), far above the world average of 94 new cases.

With regard to daily deaths per million inhabitants, some of the countries in the Union with the most new cases are among those where covid-19 has caused fewer deaths.

This is the case of Portugal, which went from the 8th to the 5th EU country with the fewest deaths attributed to covid-19, with a daily average of 1.35 in the last seven days, improving compared to the average of 1.69 from last week.

Better off are only Cyprus (1.28), Malta (1.11), Spain (1.08) and Sweden (0.55).