Browsing the governmental website, you will find a lot of useful information about the country and its peculiarities. However, it is always better to see once than to hear a lot of times. Therefore, if you have already started planning your next vacation, you should obligatorily include the USA into the list.

Irrespective of the stereotypes, traveling around the US is not as expensive as people think. There are lots of cheap and free solutions even college students will afford. Still, planning is inevitable, as you risk spending a lot of money if you go to random places here. Follow simple guidelines if you have finally made up your mind to relish the adventures in the country:

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Top 5 Vacation Destinations in America

Big cities, fascinating views, impressive coastlines, and a plethora of other sights attract lots of tourists to the USA every year. Some of them choose a lazy and relaxing vacation near the ocean, while others prefer to stay active during that time. Irrespective of the choices you make, it will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

What places should you obligatorily see? What are the spots you can skip? Are there any locations that will make your vacation a true highlight of the year? Keep reading to find several ideas that will not leave you indifferent.

Grand Canyon

If you have been to the USA and have not visited the Grand Canyon, you have to come here again. The most inspiring views, impressive hiking spots with tons of magnificent paths will make your vacation unforgettable. Additionally, the Colorado River seems to be the most appreciated place for whitewater rafting. In fact, even if you come to the Grand Canyon and do nothing, you will be filled with positive emotions triggered by breathtaking views and fantastic scenery.


There is hardly any traveler who will deny that Maui is the unique destination for a beach vacation. Magnificent parks, perfect beaches, and tons of opportunities to relax will help you enjoy every moment of the vacation. It is easy to spend days here just observing the beauty of the surrounding territory.

If you get tired from swimming and sunbathing, there is always an opportunity to take advantage of snorkeling tours and other options. Delicious local cuisine and exotic fruit will contribute to the experience.

Glacier National Park

With over 700 lakes, several waterfalls, and two mountains, Montana National Park seems to be a must-visit destination in the USA. It is a perfect spot for both adventurous tourists who strive to enjoy every moment of the trip, and the ones, who just come to admire the nature around them. Hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, and a range of other activities will contribute to the list of your memories.

San Francisco

Impressive traditions, variety of social movements, and ethnic groups you will meet on the streets are impressive. In fact, the best way to explore the local culture is by walking around the neighborhoods, eating local cuisine, and talking to people. Additionally, you will get a precious chance to purchase nice souvenirs in the local shops, which will always remind you of the special time you have spent in the area. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember traditional beach vacations and other experiences you may enjoy in San Francisco.

New York

Are you ready for the craziest vacation in your life? Have you left all your worries at home? Have you read academized reviews and entrusted your college success to professionals? Traveling to New York, you will have no time to think about anything. An array of entertainment options and impressive activities will help you remember the vacation for a long time.