According to the association, Portugal was nominated by 8.7% of respondents, far from the 29.3% of Spain that leads this ranking, a destination that usually receives 18 million British tourists a year.

The exchange in the Top 3 between the USA and France is curious, with the USA moving from 3rd to 2nd (18.1%) and France (17.8%) moving in the opposite direction.

Among transatlantic destinations, Australia (5.1%) and Canada (4.5%) also appear, although in more “modest” positions, 8th and 9th, respectively.

Among the classic European destinations, in addition to Spain, France and Portugal, appears Italy, in 4th position, with an indication of 16.4% of the British, as well as Greece, in 5th position, with 10.1%.

Behind Portugal, in addition to Australia and Canada, appears Germany (8.2%) and Turkey (4%), with Canada and Turkey rising, respectively, two positions.

According to the ABTA, “the relaxation of UK testing requirements will make travel more affordable”, as fully vaccinated travellers will not need to undergo pre-departure testing when returning to the UK, with the second day test to switch from PCR to antigen.

With data showing that there is a 30% more probability of people using a travel professional compared to the pre-pandemic reality, mainly for guidance on travel requirements regarding Coronavirus (47%) and security regarding the vacation package (46 %), ABTA expects to see more customers turning to travel professionals to book trips for this year.

Graeme Buck, ABTA's Communication Director, said in a statement that "January is typically when people start planning their vacation for the coming year", noting that he “encourages anyone thinking of booking a vacation to speak with an ABTA member”.

Portugal has long been a popular destination for older demographics. 2022 is likely to see a spike in visitors as those who have been forced to postpone holidays or honeymoon travel are finally able to rebook.

Top destinations for British tourists in 2022:

Spain (29.3%) =

United States of America (18.1%) +1

France (17.8%) -1

Italy (16.4%) =

Greece (10.1%) =

Portugal (8.7%) =

Germany (8.2%) =

Australia (5.1%) +2

Canada (4.5%) +2

Turkey (4.0%) +2