In a joint statement, the ministries of Economy and Digital Transition, Internal Administration, Health and Infrastructure and Housing state that the passenger location form (PLF) must be completed by all passengers on flights to or from mainland Portugal, including passengers on flights from the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

According to the Government, the PLF must be filled out electronically after checking in and before boarding time.

“Failure to comply with the obligations to submit and verify the completion of the PLF constitutes an administrative offence, sanctioned with a fine that can vary between €20,000 and €40,000, when practiced by the airlines or the entities responsible for the management of the respective airports or between €300 €800 when practiced by passengers”, says the statement.

The executive also emphasises that the completion and presentation of the PLF by all passengers allows the health authorities, "with full respect for the personal data protection regime, to carry out the tracing of contacts regarding confirmed cases of Covid-19, and to interrupt possible chains of transmission".