Regarding the decisions that the Government will take, the President of the Republic referred that "some of the measures are already known", without giving examples, and considered that, "in fact, there is nothing really new", it is not a matter of announcing anything too much, very new, but it represents a new phase in terms of the transition from pandemic to endemic".

According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, it is expected that the executive will decide "what has been made public in terms of measures, of reducing restrictions".

"It has already been announced, gradually, to prepare public opinion. It must correspond to the assessment, I think, that experts will make of the health situation. But there is nothing like listening to experts about the situation," he said.

As for the situation of Covid-19 in Portugal, the President of the Republic pointed out that there has been "a progressive and sustained decrease in the number of cases" and also "a decrease in the number of hospitalisations, namely in intensive care, and in the number of deaths".

"Therefore, everything is moving in the same direction. Let's listen and naturally afterwards there is the formalisation by the Government - in this case it is still the Government in office, before the new Government takes office, I think that the idea is that it is still the Government that presided over the management of the pandemic crisis to enter this phase anticipating what is then the performance of the future Government to take office", he added.