The initiative is the result of the campaign “A Helmet for Ukraine” and also has the support of private companies.

Víctor Machado, vice-president of the supervisory board of the League of Portuguese Firefighters and commander of the Volunteer Firefighters of Vale de Cambra, where the logistical operation of the district of Aveiro is centralized, told Lusa: “Two ambulances are already on the way, but now we are going to send eight more, in addition to helmets, coats, personal protective equipment for disaster intervention and pre-hospital material for immediate relief, such as bandages, serums, medication, etc.”.

All material is destined for Poland, on the border with Ukraine, will be “provided by the fire brigades themselves”, which, in the case of ambulances, for example, “made available those they had in excess in their barracks and that, after some time, they would eventually be destroyed.”

Both in the case of vehicles and other goods, transport will be provided by “firefighters who have volunteered” to ensure the functions of drivers on the trip and to help with delivery operations.

Víctor Machado hopes that “this can help” the Ukrainian firefighters, who “are in a very difficult situation and with increasing intervention difficulties, as consumables to intervene in support of victims become scarce”.