With the petrol prices going up, consumers are increasingly aware of driving efficiency and its importance. Indeed, there are techniques that look like small details, but are not. For example, “comfortable flat shoes increase sensitivity when accelerating, which prevents unnecessary speed,” DECO points out

In addition, “increasing the distance from the next car avoids sudden braking and gives time to reduce speed just by taking your foot off the accelerator. If you need to brake a lot, it means that you spend a lot of energy on acceleration. As a solution, keep the revs lower by using the highest possible engine gear,” they said. In addition, intense acceleration wears out the tires, clutch and engine. So respecting speed limits and maintaining speed – for example, using cruise control on the road – helps a lot with savings.

Many people drive in neutral gear, which is a mistake. With neutral gear, the engine continues to consume. The correct action is to keep the car in gear and use the engine as a brake. When you take your foot off the accelerator, you don't consume fuel.

Moreover, it's important to drive in the highest gear possible. “At 40km/h you can already put fourth gear and use sixth gear at 60km/h. However, from 80km/h, even using the sixth, it will put pressure on the accelerator, which means that it injects more fuel into the engine, increasing consumption”, DECO said.

These simple tips, like using a higher gear and avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, can really help you drive efficiently. In fact, the savings can represent 20 percent - around €380 if you travel 30,000 kilometres a year.

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Paula Martins