“With regard to the operation this summer, we will have more than 12,000 weekly flights in the high season”, said Ourmières-Widener.

She said that the company is re-establishing its connection to the world, with 10 destinations in North America, 12 in Central and South America, 20 in Africa and 44 in Europe.

TAP had announced that it will increase the fuel surcharge due to the rise in oil prices, indicating that "in the short term, it is inevitable that travel prices" will rise.

"In line with other major airlines, TAP Air Portugal will increase the fuel rate due to the increase in the price of 'jetfuel', one of the main cost factors in aviation".

The executive president of TAP explained that the impact of the increase in the fuel surcharge on tickets could represent an increase between €3 and €25 in prices, depending on the destination of the trip.