Lisbon: Hazy sunshine is expected over the weekend in Lisbon with temperatures peaking at 17 degrees and dropping to lows of 7 degrees. From Monday intermittent sunshine is forecast and temperatures are to rise slightly to highs of 18 degrees and nightly lows of 10 degrees with very little chance of rain.

The north: Clear blue skies are expected on Saturday with highs of 16 degrees before intermittent cloud rolls in on Sunday and temperatures rise to highs of 18 degrees. From Monday the thermometers are to rise to highs of 21 degrees with lows of 6 degrees with easterly winds and patchy cloud.

The centre: A dry and bright weekend is predicted although it will be feeling cool with highs of 12 degrees and lows of 2 degrees. From Monday cloud cover is to increase slightly although there is little to no chance of rain and temperatures are to peak at highs of 16 degrees and drop to lows of 6 degrees.

The south: Hazy high cloud is forecast for the weekend with temperatures peaking at highs of 18 degrees and dropping to nightly lows of 10 degrees. From Monday cloud cover is to increase with heavy cloud expected at times and temperatures reaching highs of 19 degrees and lows of 12 degrees.

Madeira: Saturday is to be mainly dry with highs of 19 degrees before heavy rain arrives on Sunday. There will still be a chance of rain on Monday, although showers are to be lighter and temperatures are to ruse to highs of 30 degrees by Tuesday.

The Azores: A wet weekend is expected in the Azores with temperatures reaching highs of 17 degrees and dropping to lows of 11 degrees. The rain is to ease on Monday before returning again on Wednesday when temperatures are to reach maximums of 18 degrees and minimums of 12 degrees.