According to the numbers updated as of this Monday, Portugal is slightly above the European Union average in this indicator, which is at 2.33, as well as the world average, which is at 0.52.

Of the EU countries, Greece has the highest average (5.73), followed by Latvia (5.2), Austria (5), Finland (4.97) and Lithuania (4.73).

At a global level and considering only countries with more than one million inhabitants, Hong Kong (Chinese Special Administrative Region) drops from 25.6 to 17.4 but still has the highest average, followed by South Korea (6.31), Greece, Latvia and Austria.

In terms of new daily cases per million inhabitants, Portugal dropped from an average of 1,060 to 985 in the previous seven days, from the 15th to the 14th highest in the European Union.

In this indicator, Cyprus has the highest average, at 4,770, followed by Germany (3,060), Austria (2,980), France (2,050) and Greece (2,030).

The European average of new daily cases per million inhabitants increased from 1,110 to 1,280 and the world average fell from 184 to 176.