According to the report, there are 1,930 people in Portugal with a fortune valued between 10 and 100 million dollars (€9 and €90 million euros), a number that drops to 65 in the case of fortunes valued between 100 and 1 billion dollars (€90 and €904 million).

When it comes to billionaires the report states that there are only three people in Portugal who hold a fortune in excess of this (€904 million euros).

To compile the data, Henley & Partners analysed countries in terms of the aggregate of each individual's assets (property, cash, shares or businesses), excluding liabilities. According to the finance company, which calculated the aggregate wealth of countries – it considers it to be a better way to assess financial well-being than GDP –, it is in the US that there are the most billionaires, with, for example, 810 people with fortunes valued at more than billion dollars. This is a far higher number than in China and Japan, which occupy the second and third places in the ranking, respectively, with 234 and 36 billionaires.