Some people may be deterred by the prospect of buying off-plan, especially in an overseas country where procedures are foreign. Stories have been rife about rogue developers who have gone bankrupt during the build process or who have simply had ill-intent and absconded with their clients' funds. There are many victims who have chilling tales to tell. Lessons can be learned from such horror stories so that the real benefits of buying off-plan can be realised and enjoyed.

It is paramount that investing in a property purchase, in this case off-plan, should carry out fastidious checks. Know from whom you are buying - research the person and/or the company. On-line, it is easy to acquire a professional report. look at the build history and take time to visit completed developments. Seek authoritative advice and never handover money without legal guidance. Employ the services of a reputable lawyer. With all this done, you are set to reap the benefits of an off-plan purchase of which there are many. I will list just five.

A Brand New Home

A property bought off-plan is built to meet current construction regulations with modern materials and equipment . Regulations governing the standards of noise, energy and thermal efficiency improve year by year and, therefore, a new home is likely to incorporate the latest in industry standards.

Stage Payments

It is the norm to pay for the build of your home in stage payments as the construction progresses. This should be agreed with the developer at the outset and might be structured as follows:

A reservation deposit to reserve the plot, which would be deducted from the payment at promissory contract. At promissory contract, it would be normal to pay a percentage of the agreed plot/build cost in order to secure the purchase. Further payments can then be made against the build progress i.e. completion of structure; roof; first fix, etc. with a balance due on signature of the property deed.

Property Valuation and Return on Investment

Buying off-plan tends to have its advantages as, in a growing market, value is added as the construction progresses. Depending on the complexity of the build and depending on weather conditions, the construction of a family home will take about a year, after all the build permissions and licenses are in place. Market data taken on 21 September 2021 shows property prices in Algarve, Portugal have risen by 7.9% compared to the same period in 2020 (ldealista Price Index); proving that investment in real estate continues to be a prudent choice. It is highly rewarding for the investor who purchases a home, pre-build, to gain a healthy profit on the secondary market.

Personalising Your Home

There is a great incentive to buying off-plan and that is the ability to choose fixtures, fittings and, in some cases, the adaptation of layout. Everyone's taste differs as will their requirement for the use of space, so why not enjoy the luxury of making your own mark by having a kitchen or bathrooms installed to suit individual needs. By adding personal touches to your home, the pleasure, anticipation and excitement of the purchase is all the more enhanced.


A new home brings peace of mind as it is sold with a construction guarantee alongside warranties on appliances . Knowing that you have a port of call should there be any issues is essential. Buying from a reputable and established developer, especially on a resort where they have an on-going presence, is an added bonus.

Investors should be cautious in buying resale properties that do not meet their basic requirements as the planning restrictions may inhibit modifications and/or the cost of so doing is often far greater than expected.

Why Choose a Resort Property in Algarve, Portugal?

Resort living makes for an easy and secure lifestyle. The developments are usually monitored and beautifully manicured with on-resort facilities such as a golf course, tennis, spa, restaurants and other leisure facilities along with security amongst other services.

Additionally, resort properties ho\d their value because of a controlled infrastructure.

Portugal entices with endless natural bounty - a year round temperate climate, a low cost of living, a great quality of life, the Algarve is home to some of the best golf courses and beaches in the world, clean unpolluted air, an enviable reputation for being one of the world's safest countries, delicious fresh produce from land and sea, a wealth of culture and a rich colourful history. Not least of all, the Portuguese people offer a sincere and warm welcome to all those who come to their shores in peace.