Cliff Richard's vineyard was purchased by businessman Joaquim Pires, who wants to make Algarve wines known all around the world.

Joaquim Pires is looking forward to producing great wine in Portugal, so he bought Quinta do Miradouro and Adega do Cantor from Cliff Richard, employing the existing employees and also bringing back those who left the previous year.

“I always dreamed of making wine. My father is from Guarda, but I decided to buy a vineyard in the south and make the best Portuguese rosé wine”, he told The Portugal News.

Furthermore, the businessman has already used his design skills to draw up bottles that he assured me we have never seen before. “I want people abroad to know that we in the south of Portugal also have great wine. They think the Algarve only has oranges,” he said.

Plans for the future

The wine from Adega do Cantor, which is vegan as it does not involve any product of animal origin in the entire process, has been recognised more than once as a wine of excellence.

Currently, there is a white wine that has been given awards in Germany and also a highly regarded red wine that has been awarded in the Algarve. They also have a sparkling wine, which is not very common in the region. While he wants to have a diverse selection of wine, the focus will be on rosé wine, “I want to have the best rosé wine, not just for one year, but for 10 years in a row.”

For the future, Joaquim Pires has building plans for the vineyard. One of them is to create a charming boutique hotel over the vineyards.

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