According to a note released after the meeting of the Council of the Madeiran Government, of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition, chaired by the social democrat Miguel Albuquerque, a resolution was approved that “maintains the norms of measures to promote and safeguard the public health of the island population that contribute to the containment of the [covid-19] pandemic, as well as the continuity of the state of alert s until 23:59 on May 14, 2022, for reasons of public health”.

In the resolution, it is recalled that “the use of a mask contributes decisively to reducing the risk of contagion and progression of the disease”, it is also mentioned in the note.

Masks in closed spaces

Therefore, “the resident population and citizens who visit [the region] are required to wear a mask in closed spaces, with the exceptions that are already public knowledge”.

“The maintenance of vaccination [against covid-19] and hygiene and disinfection standards are other standards that continue”, the note also reads.