“We are still in a peak situation and, as soon as it starts to go down, we will adopt a different strategy, which will be the possibility of monitoring cases without mass weekly testing,” he said.

Miguel Albuquerque stressed that the mass testing of the population will only stop being done when the daily number of new infections drops to less than 1,000, otherwise “it would not be a correct strategy”.

"We should reach the peak this week and we will wait for the number to start to decrease to adopt the new strategy", he said, indicating that the monitoring of cases will be done through a computer system.

On November 20, 2021, the Government of Madeira (PSD/CDS-PP) made the joint presentation of a vaccination certificate and negative antigen test for Covid-19 mandatory for access to most public and private establishments and premises and, simultaneously, implemented a system that guarantees a free weekly test for all residents.