Rome (Italy), London (United Kingdom) and Lisbon are the three cities where it is most expensive to live, taking into account the average disposable income of people when compared to housing prices and the cost of living, according to a study by insurance company CIA Landlord.

The study, entitled “The Cost of Living Crisis: How big is the gap between outgoings and incomings around the world?”, compared several cities based on the value of the available salary that people are left with after subtracting the cost of living and renting a 3 bedroom property.

The survey found that in Lisbon, the average net salary is 878 pounds (€1,037), the cost of renting a T3 is 1,377 pounds (€1,625) and the average cost of living is 475 pounds (€561). In other words, those who want to live in the capital will need, in this scenario, to have savings or other sources of income, since the available disposable income when discounting these two factors is minus 974 pounds (minus €1,149).