Space debris was spotted in several areas of Portugal and Spain last night (20 June). On social media, there were several reports of sightings of fireballs moving in the sky, late Monday night and early into Tuesday morning.

According to the Fireball Meteorite Investigation Network, a Spanish project that brings together experts from various institutions, what could be seen was debris from a Chinese rocket, which was part of the transport of Chinese astronauts to the Chinese space station.

“Our network recorded the Chinese CZ-2F rocket re-entry into Spain last night,” the project wrote on Twitter.

In fact, it was not just in Spain that the debris was sighted. According to the ABC newspaper, the most impressive videos were filmed in various areas of Andalusia, such as Seville and Huelva, but in areas such as Madrid and Toledo. In Portugal, there are reports of sightings in the Algarve, Alentejo and Lisbon regions.

The debris entered the atmosphere at about 23:30 (Portuguese time).

Hours before the sighting, the portal Frontera Espacial recorded that the debris could potentially fall in the area of ​​the Canary Islands.