In an interview with The Telegraph, the outspoken airline boss claimed his airline is “completely unaffected” by the difficulties facing rival airlines and then went on to call Boris Johnson “entirely untrustworthy”.

When talking about the cancellation of flights across Europe due to over bookings and a lack of human resources O’Leary told The Telegraph: "We started recruiting and training new pilots and cabin crew last November, so we began earlier than any other airline. The other thing we did sensibly during Covid is that we didn’t fire thousands of cabin crew or pilots or engineers."

"If a pilot doesn’t fly once a month, they lose their licence. You then have to put a pilot back into a simulator for three months to get his licence back.”

"We made sure, even if we had flights with no passengers, we sent up pilots and cabin crew. We sent everybody flying at least once a month. We didn’t dump them all at home and say ‘we’ll call you in 18 months when this is all over’.”

O’Leary also had choice words about the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: "The cabinet has less ******* brainpower than your average plant. The prime minister is entirely untrustworthy – not just anything he says, but certainly on economic issues.”

He said he has not met Mr Johnson and “I’ve no desire to meet him. He’s an idiot of the highest ******* order”.