He wanted to be a marine biologist and he is now a UN ambassador. Jason Momoa was this Monday formally recognised as a UNEP ambassador for Life Underwater on the first day of the Oceans Conference in Lisbon.

In a conversation with Susan Gardner, the Director of the Ecosystems Division of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the American actor talked about his passion for the ocean, got emotional and even gave away spoilers about the next Aquaman movie.

"This Conference is very important because it is stimulating political will, building ocean literacy and consensus: if we are going to take care of the ocean, then we are taking care of ourselves", said Gardner, then warning : "We will only be successful if political leaders pay attention - and we know they only do when people pay attention. And sometimes in order to focus and compete for people's minds and hearts, we need superhuman strength and ability," concluded Susan Gardner, before calling the Hollywood actor to the stage.

Spreading superhero powers

"I had never participated in something like this. It is a great honour for me because this is my passion", said Jason Momoa. “My career is acting and I have hobbies, but since I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist and I was obsessed with saving the planet. Whatever we're talking about now, I went to school for that".

Jason Momoa was speaking in the presence of his teenage children Lola, 14, and Nakoa, 13, who watched from the front row. And he admitted that it is also thinking about them and the younger generations that he gives voice to this cause. "The previous generation made mistakes - and even my generation tried to do the best they could - but we need to inspire the next generation. And hear their voices and be able to have a platform where I can really mobilise and use my superhero powers to spread the word. I love it," he said, admitting that "this is a dream come true."

"This kind of passion has been present all my life - in Hawaii (where he was born), or in Iowa (where he grew up) - and later, when I started acting, the cycle was complete: I'm Aquaman!", he said,

Spoiler alert

"If I were to disclose some information (about Aquaman 2) then I would have to do it at the United Nations - so you are lucky", said actor, addressing the audience, who reacted with curiosity about the feature film that arrives in theatres in March 2023.

"I don't want to go too far because I want you to enjoy it, but it's very rooted in what's happening to our planet. In the movie we can see what's going to happen and very quickly: how the storms will change, how everything will be affected ... We are involved in a big problem - and there are no aliens, there is no other world, nothing. It's right here. On our planet", he hinted.

"I'm excited for the public to see Aquaman 2, it's something so important to me, that I had a big hand in. And for showing the world what's going to happen - and telling a great story too - but things are getting very serious and it's time to act now," he urged.

"I really wanted this crossover of my life - of what is going on in our world - and hopefully people will make some change", he appealed.