Fernando Gomes and Luís Rubiales participated in the meeting that followed up the candidacy project for the 2030 World Cup, which they have been working on for several months.

In addition to the two presidents, the project teams of the two federations participated in the meeting in which “different aspects of the candidacy that is still under construction” were outlined, explains the Portuguese Football Federation.

The joint bid of Portugal and Spain to host the 2030 World Cup will be the only European bid for the competition, after the UK withdrew to focus on organising the 2028 European Championship, together with to Ireland.

However, the Iberian candidacy will have competition from at least four South American countries, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Qatar will host the World Cup this year, followed by Canada, the United States and Mexico in 2026, and in addition to the Iberian and South American bids, there is also a proposal on the table from Morocco, in Africa.