In a joint press release on the initiative, which will take place between 5 and 11 of July and is part of the 2022 National Inspection Plan, the three institutions recalled the data on the impact of alcohol on driving, estimating that “one in three drivers killed in road accidents has a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 0.5 g/l and three out of four of these drivers have a rate equal to or greater than 1.2 g/l”.

ANSR, PSP and GNR highlighted the existence of several scientific studies pointing out that alcohol produces disturbances in cognitive terms, information processing, reaction capacity and motor coordination.

“Alcohol also narrows the visual field, causing so-called tunnel vision. This loss of capabilities, as well as the behavioural changes that can lead to states of euphoria and disinhibition, significantly increasing the risk of involvement in road accidents”, they stressed.