"It's true, during the last few weeks we've had problems, some of them serious, with some subsystems, one of them border control, which is not directly controlled by ANA, but we work actively with our partners to propose ideas and try to improve the service", acknowledged Thierry Ligonnière, who is being heard in the Assembly of the Republic, at the request of the PSD, for clarification on the problems at Lisbon and Porto airports.

The official added that the work being done with the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is producing "very tangible results during the last few weeks", with a "notable improvement in the waiting times at border control since 18 June".

Thierry Ligonnière recalled that the summer season is, "by nature, more challenging" for airport management.

"We went from a situation where all the planes were on the ground, in 2020, to a situation of very dynamic traffic resumption", he pointed out.

The hearing takes place at a time when several flights are being cancelled daily at European airports.