According to the WHO in Europe, the trend towards an increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19, which tripled in the region in the last six weeks, is predicted to continue with the end of the summer holidays, the reopening of schools and more social interaction in closed spaces with the arrival of the cold weather.

Alongside the increase in cases, the "decrease in virus surveillance" predicts "a difficult autumn and winter" in Europe, according to WHO director for Europe, Hans Kluge, who urged countries to "respond urgently" to failures to monitor the pandemic so that deaths and serious disruptions to health services can be avoided.

Although admissions to hospital intensive care remain "relatively low", close to 3,000 people still die from Covid-19 in Europe every week.

As a strategy for autumn and winter, the WHO recommends increasing the vaccination rate, a second booster dose for immunosuppressed people over five years of age and their close contacts, the use of a mask indoors and on public transport, the ventilation of spaces such as schools and offices and the rapid tracking of cases.