In a statement issued on its website, the municipality, led by Carlos Moedas (PSD), emphasises that the objective is to encourage the use of public transport.

"Free public transport is one of the main measures to be implemented in Lisbon, with the aim of encouraging the use of public transport for all residents in Lisbon, aged 65 or over; young people aged between 13 and 23 years; higher education students up to the age of 23. In the case of higher education students enrolled in Medicine and Architecture courses, up to the age of 24 with all needing to be tax residents in Lisbon".

The municipality recalls that this measure is part of “the goals of environmental sustainability, the fight against climate change and the improvement of people's mobility, through the promotion of efficient, economically and environmentally sustainable mobility”.

Since 2017, children up to the age of 12 have benefited from free public transport in Lisbon on the Metropolitano and Carris bus stations.

The signing of the protocol between the Lisbon Chamber and Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, the new company that manages transport in the metropolitan area, was signed on May 27 at the Carris Museum, in Lisbon.

The measure is expected to cost the city nearly 15 million euros.

At the time, the Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, underlined that “Lisbon is the first major capital in Europe to take this measure” and that this “will also be a way of influencing other cities and other countries” to realize that “this is the way".