Payment will be made by surveying the losses, which will be carried out by the Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Fisheries, after completing a form available on the website of the Institute for Financing for Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAP).

Helping the bees

Meanwhile, six tonnes of food are provided for bees, which will be distributed in conjunction with the National Federation of Beekeepers.

“To this extraordinary support, intended to ensure animal feed, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food determined the management authority of the PDR 2020 [Rural Development Program] to open measures to support the restoration of the productive potential of agricultural holdings, as soon as possible”.

According to the ministry supervised by Maria do Céu Antunes, provisional data, collected until July 26, indicate that the burned area in Portugal totalled close to 58,000 hectares, with 11%, that is, 6,377 hectares, corresponding to agricultural land.