According to a survey carried out by the National Federation of Education (FNE): “We found that more than 80% of respondents say that the administrative tasks they are required to perform in schools are generally useless or, in most cases, are useless”, revealed the secretary general of FNE, based on the answers of 2,668 teachers in a national consultation held at the beginning of the month.

Teachers “chose overwork and bureaucratic burdens as their biggest concern at the end of this year”, said João Dias da Silva, adding that this is a problem that affects secondary school teachers most.

Regarding the type of work that teachers consider “useless”, João Dias da Silva gave as an example the mandatory completion of “dozens of platforms, where informational data about schools and students are repeated”.

According to teachers' complaints, many of these tasks are “repetitive and overlap one another”.

“We have many doubts about the practical effects of these platforms and we have news that after accessing the platform and after everything is done ‘online’, it has to be repeated in paper form”, he said.

The secretary general warned that “excessive bureaucratic work” ends up “limiting and distracting teachers from what is essential”, which is teaching their students.

“Teachers arrive at the end of the year with accumulated tiredness. Every day, every week they are required to work beyond the limits of what is established by law. Teachers largely exceed 40 hours a week,” he said, ensuring that they are often overnight filling in platforms.

Therefore, teachers ask that the next school year “there be respect for the limits of working time” and a “reduce in the amount of administrative work”.