Unemployment in the Eurozone and in the European Union remained stable in June, at 6.6% and 6.1%, respectively, according to Eurostat data. The rate registered in Portugal increased, from 6% in May to 6.1% in June, making the country exceed the community average with regard to this indicator.

In June 2022, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the Eurozone was 6.6%, stable compared to May 2022 and below 7.9% in June 2021, according to Eurostat. The EU unemployment rate was 6% in the sixth month of the year, a value equal to May and lower than the 7.2% recorded in the same period last year.

In absolute numbers, Eurostat estimates that 12.9 million men and women in the EU, of which 10.9 million in the Eurozone, were unemployed in June 2022. Compared to June 2021, unemployment decreased by 2.3 million in the EU and 1.9 million in the euro area.