Your dreams have finally come true. You’ve purchased a lovely house in Lisbon, Portugal. You’re now ready to spend your summers on its breezy terrace and already planning how it will be your permanent retirement home.

Buying a property in Lisbon is relatively easy. If done with the help of professionals, it’s pretty straightforward. But how about managing it? Although the dream of having a home in Lisbon is lovely, things might become challenging if you're not a full-time resident and are attempting to manage your property from abroad. If you have no experience in managing a property, you can find it difficult to keep up with tenants, provide maintenance, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Fortunately, Lisbon's property management industry is quite advanced. English is commonly used, which can greatly simplify your life. But how do you find Lisbon's top property management company to look after your house? In this guide, I’ll give you some tips that will make your life easier as a non-resident landlord.

But first, let me start with some benefits of working with a property management company.

Why Work With a Property Management Company in Lisbon

Before you choose a property manager, you should understand your needs. When you’re vetting the property management companies in Lisbon, you’ll find out that they often take care of the following.

Reviewing Prospective Tenants

Tenants that damage the property or pay their rents late are not the ones you want to deal with. To ensure that you are matched with responsible and reliable tenants, a competent property management business vets the prospective tenants.

Maintenance and Repair Management

You can trust a reliable property management company to take care of all repairs and maintenance, including plumbing, electricity, and equipment. The manager will plan the work and closely monitor it to ensure that it is of the highest quality and done in accordance with the necessary rules.

Dealing With Legal Issues

A competent property management company saves you from potential legal problems by utilizing its in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations. If you work with a property management company, you can avoid major financial and legal challenges.

Filling Vacancies Quickly

To make sure that their properties are entirely rented out throughout the year, many non-resident landlords in Portugal prefer to work with a property management company. A smart property manager is also good at maintaining your tenant’s satisfaction. It is always more economic to keep a good tenant than to try and replace one.

Access to Reputable Vendors

You can expect a property management business to already have a list of regional contractors and suppliers. They pick people they are comfortable with and who they can rely on. In order to handle problems, the property manager will also keep an eye on all suppliers to make sure they complete their tasks on time and with great quality.

Rapid Responses

A skilled property management company can set up the repairs to be completed quickly and at the needed standard thanks to their extensive network of connections. The property management company will handle these kinds of issues without bothering you.

How To Find a Property Management Company in Lisbon

Being a non-resident landlord comes with a lot of responsibilities, making managing from afar quite challenging. Thankfully, this can be handled by a property management company. You won't have to worry about anything because they'll take care of everything, including rent receipts.

But how are you going to make sure the company you want to work with is a good one? Here are some tips to help you choose your property manager in Lisbon.

Select a Local Company

The property management company you hire must be aware of and adhere to Portuguese laws. In addition to these standards, there are local factors that affect how a property must be handled. For this reason, working with a company that has knowledge about the Lisbon real estate industry is crucial.

Choose a Company With Specific Experience

The type of property affects the property manager's experience. If your property is a studio, avoid hiring a manager that specializes in single-family homes or commercial properties. In general, be suspicious about companies that promise to handle any type of property.

Analyze the Experience of the Company

Check the level of experience of the property management company you choose to take care of your Lisbon home. How long has the company been in business? How many properties do they manage in total? Experience comes with a broad network that will be helpful in problem-solving.

Finding a reliable property management company in Lisbon is crucial for non-resident landlords. A trustworthy and effective manager will ensure that your home is well taken care of, allowing you to relax while you're thousands of miles away.

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