The quick estimate released by the official statistics office of the European Union reveals that the annual inflation rate - measured by the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices - continues to rise and reaches a new 'peak' in the single currency space, at 9 .1%, two tenths above the value recorded in the previous month.

Analysing the main components of inflation in the euro zone, the Community Statistical Service adds that energy is again, the one that weighs the most (38.3%, against 39.6% last July), followed by food, alcohol and tobacco (10.6%, against 9.8% in July), non-energy industrial goods (5.0%, against 4.5% in July) and services (3.8%, against 3.7 % one month earlier).

The inflation rate in the eurozone has been accelerating since June 2021, mainly due to rising energy prices, and reaching record levels since November.