This murder occurred at the end of the night of the 19 August this year, "on the public highway, near a commercial establishment, a type of 'snack bar", in the municipality of Loures.

According to the PJ, when the victim, a man, a foreigner, aged 53, left that space he was approached by the aggressor, who, "using physical force and with the aid of a blunt object", caused him "injuries that proved fatal".

"The victim ended up dying on the spot as a result of the severe aggression inflicted with the object used by the suspect," he said.

Following the investigation into this crime, the police obtained information and evidence regarding "other violent incidents committed by the same aggressor towards other victims, also, and apparently, without any reason".

Two weeks after this murder, the Judiciary Police reported that the suspect of the crime, a "Portuguese man, aged 24", who is "strongly suspected" of being responsible for this murder, was identified and arrested caught in the act.

On 20 August, the newspaper Correio da Manhã reported the death of this man of 53 years, victim of a murder outside a café in the neighbourhood of Quinta da Fonte, in Loures, where there was a brawl with several people and one of those involved used an iron bar.

The suspect of the murder crime hit the victim several times with this object, one of them in the head, and fled the scene before the police arrived, the newspaper reported.

According to the PJ, "the aggressive action of the suspect towards several people living in that residential neighbourhood triggered a strong sense of insecurity and social alarm", a situation that has now been contained with the police investigation that led to the arrest.