According to the Lusa News Agency, José Luís Carneiro said that Ourém is included in the resolution framework, outlined by the government, to support the reconstruction of spaces affected by the fires, as well as help the population. From the six million euros of loss, four million relates to the loss of a poultry production company.

After surveying the damages, it will be up to the ministries of Territorial Cohesion, Environment and Climate Action and Agriculture and Food, “to deal with the situation along with the participation of the State”.

The mayor of Ourém presented José Luís Carneiro with a “specification” that mentions the six million euros in losses, without yet data relating to forest damage, caused by the fires that affected the region.

The Minister of Internal Administration also highlighted that the Municipality of Ourém's Municipal Emergency and Civil Protection Plan has been “approved and updated”, as well as the Municipal Plan for the Defence of the Forest against Fires.

Luís Albuquerque also said that in the municipality of Ourém there were animal and aviary losses, as well as a workshop, annexes, agricultural facilities, two first homes, vacant houses.