According to the Marco Research: Post Covid Consumer Behavior study, developed by the Marco agency — and which, in Europe, analyses Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain — 61% of Portuguese people trust television news, the same percentage that trust radio, while 57% and 53% trust news in print and online, respectively.

After Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany and France are the countries in which the population trusts television the most, with Spain and Italy already, albeit by a small margin, in negative territory in terms of this indicator.

Portugal also ranks first in terms of trust in online press, paper press and radio. In social networks, the country occupies the first position on LinkedIn, with 22%. 18% of Portuguese trust news shared via WhatsApp, 17% via podcast, 14% via Instagram and Twitter respectively, and 12% in those published on Facebook.

Although trust levels on social networks are lower than in traditional media, these are one of the most used sources of information. For 65% of Portuguese people, WhatsApp is the most frequently consulted channel to access information, followed by Instagram (51%) and Facebook (48%).

“These are key conclusions as they show how the Portuguese and European media landscapes are adapting to changes and how traditional media continue to reinvent themselves. This is reflected in the fact that they are the most reliable sources of information for the Portuguese for quality information”, says Diana Castilho, country & brands lead at Marco Lisboa.