135 people drowned between January and September, a number that already exceeds the annual values ​​recorded since 2017, according to data revealed by the Portuguese Federation of Lifeguards (FEPONS).

In a statement, FEPONS reveals that the most recent data from the Federation's DrowningObservatory show that, in September, there were 23 deaths in the aquatic environment, as in August, which in these two months concentrates 48% of drowning deaths in the year 2022.

Also, according to the federation, deaths in the aquatic environment increased by about 56% compared to the same period in 2021, an interval in which 86 deaths were recorded, and the first nine months of 2022 already exceed the annual values ​​since 2017, including the record in 2020 of 122 deaths.

According to the figures detailed in the Q3 2022 report, almost all deaths (92.5%) recorded up to September 2022 occurred in unguarded areas and the majority of victims did not have a rescue attempt (61.9%).

The districts of Porto (20), Lisbon (16), Braga (13) and Faro (12) were where the most deaths were recorded, with the majority of victims being over 40 years old.

The report also mentions that in about 66% of the reported cases it was not possible to verify the nationality of the victims.

To help combat drowning and "increase the culture of water safety among the Portuguese", FEPONS provides free training open to all on its website, reads the note.