2 CC Produção de Vinhos Lda., has launched a limited edition of a “unique and elegant” red wine, with each bottle costing €600 euros and coming from a 65-year-old vineyard, according to a report by ECO.

“O Segredo 6” was given its name because it was the number used by Francisco Costa, better known as Costinha, at FC Porto and on the Portuguese Football Team.

With the signature of winemaker Paulo Nunes, the wine “O Segredo 6”, which has been launched in Lisbon, has so far involved an investment of €150,000 in the entire process, from the acquisition of the vineyards, in Mirandela, to production, bottling and market launch, wine producer António Boal told ECO/Local Online. António Boal expects to earn more than €400,000 from this new wine product. “This money will then be reinvested in the company”.

Francisco Costa said that the limited edition of this “wine from a parcel of old vines”, from the company 2 CC Produção de Vinhos Lda. created by the two partners in 2018, “will contribute to the positioning of Portuguese wine” in the wine sector. And it is intended for wine lovers with some purchasing power, taking into account that each 1.5 litre bottle costs 600 euros, and is presented with a velvet label, with gold engraved letters.